The guys on the fable.

A miller, his son, and their donkey, were going on the way to the market in the other side of their town across a bridge; then, someone told them:

What are you doing? Don't be silly, you have a donkey, so why don't ride it?.

So the man put the boy on the animal for riding. Then, another people yelled:

What a lazy boy, making his father walk!

The miller took his son and put him down. Then, the man rode the donkey and continued their walk. Another people yelled:

Poor kid! He was walking while his father was riding the donkey! What a silly!

After that, the miller took the boy up, and now, both are riding the donkey. Another people went yelling:

Poor donkey! Don't you think it's a shame to put a lot of weight on that animal?

The miller and the boy, tired of what people say, grabbed a wood and a rope, then tied the donkey by the legs to it, and both carried the animal hung up. Then, all the people that were watching it, laughed. When both are crossing the bridge, they couldn't carry the animal anymore, so it slipped and dropped to the river below. As being tied and unable to swim, the donkey drowned.

Moral: Try to please everybody, so you won't.

I don't know the key to success, but I know that the key to failure, is trying to please everybody.
- Woody Allen


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