Marchs are great events to express for an unfair government. Sadly, there are 2 kind of people that waste everything. On the one hand, there are the Special Forces, often mistaken with the Carabineros de Chile (there are some of the latest ones that repress, though), commanded by the Minister of the Interior. On the other hand, there are the lumpen and the hooded ones that destroy everything in their wake. They think doing that put things right.

As a revolutionary that some people we are, condemn those acts of violence, wherever it may come from, and wherever it may go to. We don't want more dead or wounded people just for marching. Don't let bullet makes us be silenced, because they won't!

This for Diego, Exequiel, for Rodrigo, and any other one that died or injured for expressing what they felt. For the fallen ones in the Pino-shit dictatorship! Martyrs


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