Ok, this is not what I mean; but at least, it's a little bit innocent.

In latter days, the Fifi video is one of the most commented in Chile, and got the title of trend for a few days. However, I won't share, nor watch it because of obvious reasons.

Well... as I understood, she mistook on trust her so-called "friends". Supposedly, she trusted her passwords, and it may be the root of the leakage.

Some years ago, I started to learn the concept of social engineering. A sort of psychological way to get information from another people. It also could be the cause of the incident of the Wena Naty, ocurred in 2007.

Well, I could not had a personal opinion about this until some closer people, as such as a relative (or the Fifi herself, as a preference), speaks about the situation. As happened with a Paloma, a Fifi relative (not specified who is), who sent a letter what's read by Nicolás Copano. Unfortunately, the audio is in Spanish, and there's no subs. Anyway, I leave it here.

What did I learn about that?

  • Don't trust some confidential information to anybody.
  • If you did that, change passwords frequently.
  • Create some perfect passwords! Edward Snowden teaches us how to. Also, try to do this with things you can remember. Use the mnemotecnics.
  • It's not working leaving rooms locked, if the main door is open to anybody.
  • Watch out about file permissions.

Also, another thing I want to comment, is about morbid interest in that topic. Taking videos or photos doing some intimate or sexual acts, doesn't turn that person a whore, if commited to that. If leakage is done by third parties, it's not necessarily her fault. Also, the subject is sensitive because all people involved in that incident, are underage, at least in Chile. So please, stop morbid interests at sharing or storaging the video. It can also be an illicit act. Respect Fifi, and leave her alone.