She's so cute

She's so cute. Awww

I don't know if anybody knows, but some days ago], an amateur writer and ex-contestant traveled from England to somewhere in Scotland, just to hunt a teenager down over the head with a wine bottle, as said in The Mirror.

The background of that? Paige Rolland, 18, from Glenrothes, wrote a review about Richard Brittain's book, "The World Rose", which was a bad criticism. The problem was Brittain traced and stalked Rolland, taking him to her workplace, a supermarket, where it happened.

When I read about that notice, learned reality goes beyond internet. Some people (like trolls and flamers doesn't have the courage to tell (or do) all things say in the internet, but in the real life. However, Brittain went beyond that to do an act that's brave and coward at once. Also, some stalker previous facts about him were widely known some time now, but that's other topic.

When some people goes widely popular, either in the Internet or in the real life or somewhere else, doing anything in what is good or what is widely known, there are lots of opinions, both bad or good. Regardless where they come from, specially if it comes from an unknown person (for that people), if good, it helps as a motivation for doing things normally do. If bad, it helps to change and fix what is wrong, unless that's a hate speech, which doesn't help anyone. People like Brittain MUST learn to take this to help him to grow as a person and NOT as a reason to assault a random person.

Sadly to know that Paige have problems to meet people since. I won't blame her for that. And also the horrifying idea of writing a book about stalking a woman as Richard did. I wonder what kind of thoughts people say about him in his blog, his Twitter or his YouTube channel.

Also, if anybody wants to criticize his work, must be because of what he does as a writer and not as a person. Learn to leave things apart from each other.