My northern family

Well... as some people (closer to me) knows, I was born in Iquique in 1986. Because of some things of the life, I moved to Ovalle when was 3 months. After that, I got back to the north in February, 1994. I was 7 yet, but I was able to understand some things about my origins. 21 years later, in past summer, I got back again, and noticed how the family grew up, and it's still going on that. Lots of emotions came here.

When I recently went to Iquique, all parties are in family. So I'll go frequently. (No, La Serena and Ovalle won't be forgotten!)

My birth place itself grew up, too.

I also found some things I must noticed before, and changed my life.

  • My family is of Aymara descent, so me too.
  • I have some cute (female) cousins.
  • Oneself can move easily within the city. Taxis are cheaper than in other cities.
  • Culture itself is very closer to their Andean roots.
  • The past year earthquake (May, 2014) still shows its scars. Things in Iquique are still not fixed.
  • The mayor is an asshole. (Well... that's not any novelty)
  • In summer, it's so hot, that I didn't need to turn the heater on. (Anyway, it's broken)

As I want to go again, I hope it'd be for a month. And in aeroplane.

All my family (in both sides, maternal and fraternal) is very awesome. And things like that, make me worth them all.



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