Yes, as you noticed, I'm back here, and it was a long while since the last time I was here. I had kinda "writer's block" because as you may know, English is not my mother tongue, and I maintain two blogs (the other one, in my native Spanish, is what I use more, but I promise will spend more time here to practice my English!) Also, I had some troubles to rework this blog because of Pelican compatibility problems with previous versions.

Wow, since November 2015 I was not writing here. Let me tell you what happened since.

I was working in Santiago, in Everis. I lasted over two months there. Working there in office was kinda tiresome, and sometimes I had to get out from there some late. Fortunately, I have some lovely relatives there in the capital city, as well as I could go back home when I need to. Anyways, I learned a lot there working as a front-end developer, and I loved that rubric and I keep in mind working on that some time later.

After I working there, I took a one-year break between thiking what I want to do as a memoir theme and some travels to my birth place, Iquique, and La Serena and Ovalle. Yes, I have relatives and friends everywhere I lived in.

Finally, I found the inspiration and the memoir theme, so I was working on since. I have to go between meetings over and over, but at least, I know what to do with my life now. I seize the moment to take a break from web-related themes and getting on Linux-related ones. You know, compilations, Gentoo and stuff. And my master teacher likes that ;)

So that's my life now. I still live here, riding a bike as a hobby and exercise and stuff. I'm so chilled out by now, but later I must so alert. But I don't panic (yet)!

That's my life now. I wish to come here with new ideas and stuff.

See you later!


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