Translation of the pic above, with some redaction corrections:

A moment ago, I was playing FIFA online, my opponent left his microphone on, he probably thought I couldn't hear him. Well, the matter is that by the first half, I was winning the match 3-0, and heard him saying: "If I win, you're giving me oral sex", and a gal that was with him, answered: "I won't, because you're not going to win"... As a good pal, I intentionally scored 4 own goals, and I let him winning the match. Have fun, dude!

Jesus died on the Cross for all of us and our sins, and monuments went on. Lots of people contribute to mankind, and got their tributes for that. This man must be one of those. Kudos for you!

Also, if you're wondering about the title of this post, it comes from this song: